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Energy Manipulation

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"Some women are
lost in the fire.
Some women are
built from it."

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Spell to 'Sweeten the Situation'


I have the best job a witch could ask for and work at an amazing new age/pagan boutique and crystal shop. One of the more awesome things about my job is that I get to talk about crystals and tarot cards all day. And the customers are usually cool and teach me a lot. An older woman came in to…

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Baby Caracal (via Nabeel Mustafa)

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Advice to those new to the craft


To all new witches…

Put down the purchased spellbook, stop hoarding candles, resist the urge to pilfer the family spice rack for ingredients you think you need, don’t feel bad because you can’t afford the beautiful wand your friend has and you think your magick won’t be as…

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Tim Walker

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"To me, a witch is a woman that is capable of letting her intuition take hold of her actions, that communes with her environment, that isn’t afraid of facing challenges."

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"When we speak of Nature it is wrong to forget that we are ourselves a part of Nature. We ought to view ourselves with the same curiosity and openness with which we study a tree, the sky or a thought, because we too are linked to the entire universe."

- Henri Matisse (via cosmic-rebirth)

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Thank you Linda Willow Roberts <3

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Sorry for the bad camera quality >_o

For those that haven’t seen my new hair and a photo of a shirt I quickly made a few days ago x’D Thought you guys might like it :3

Words can not describe how much I WANT THAT SHIRT

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